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Car Shopping

May 16th, 2017 - Posted by Ellen Hurwitch, Director of Operations - The Americas


As much as I love my trusty PT Cruiser, I am aware that at 16 years old it is starting to have some aches and pains that comes with getting older. I thought that it would be good to look and see what is the latest and greatest. Thus, off I went to the Auto show held every spring in New York City.

Before I left, I made a list of features that were must haves, like heated seats and a moon roof. Listing some of the basics that were important to me would make it easier as I went through the 2 floors of the convention center. There were going to be a lot of cars; a lot of choices.

But after looking at so many choices, I was beginning to get a bit confused. I couldn’t remember what cars and SUV’s did what, and realized that I should have come with a spread sheet instead of a list, so that I could easily check off the must haves and add comments as I went through the show.

After several hours, I narrowed down my choices and was ready to visit auto dealers for test drives.

My first stop was the local Audi dealer. I was looking at the Q5. The ride was nice, and it had the features I was looking for. However, the leasing price was a bit hefty when it was all said and done. I decided to move on.

Next, the Honda dealer. I had an interest in the CR-V (even though I don’t know what CR-V stands for!) and was ready for the ride. Although this vehicle did not come with the glamour and the prestige of the Audi, it did come with a lot of additional features, and all for less money! Before I knew it, the deposit was down, hands were shaken and I left with a smile on my face!

Now you are going to say yes, it’s great you have a new car, but what on earth does that have to do with web to print? Good question!

When looking for a web to print system, whether replacing an existing system, or starting out looking for a new one, you need to put together a spread sheet, making sure you list your must haves, leaving room for additional thoughts and comments as you do your research. We believe that proper planning prevents poor performance! In fact, you can check out our pre demo guide here:

Too many times people like the glamour and prestige of a high end web to print system. They fear that they will be missing out, or that they need to keep up with the big guys. This is the wrong approach.

Now it’s time for demos of your narrowed down list.

And this is where RedTie comes in. When you see a demo of RedTie, you’ll find it a lot like that Honda – it comes with a lot of features for less money! Not only that but support is included at no additional charge! Car leasing is for a minimum of 3 years, but with RedTie’s web to print system, the contract is for a year.

When I picked up the CR-V, the salesperson went through all of the features he thought that I should know before driving out the door. He gave me his cell phone and email address and said get in touch if you have any questions. He wanted me to have a successful driving experience. And he knew if I was happy with the whole experience, I would recommend him as well as Honda going forward.

Your RedTie account manager is here to help you have a successful web to print experience. Our support team is always happy to answer any questions as well.

But I will let you in on a little secret, RedTie’s online training academy is a lot easier to understand than my new Honda Owner’s Guide!

Happy driving!