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Web to Print Guides

Welcome to the Web to Print Guides section of our website. This section of our website is about us imparting some of the knowledge we have learnt over the last 10 years with regards to being successful in implementing and growing the web to print side of your business.

Since we launched our blog we have been asked on numerous occasions why we hide all the good tips and tricks in there. It is the same with the slides and handouts that we give out at our seminars and talks, why is this not all online? So we have taken the opportunity to gather all this information together, reorganise and update it so that we can present it here as a series of guides.

It is not a guaranteed route to success by any means. We aim to share the knowledge we have to increase your chances of success. It is important to note that we have tried to keep it very generic in terms of software, what you find in this section should be just as applicable to other software suppliers as it is to RedTie. Of course once you are at the stage of auditioning solutions for Web to Print then we would be very happy for you to include us in your shortlist. Please contact us here.

We have broken the guides into groups that would be a typical route from the point you have decided to make Web to Print part of your business through to growing your online business and beyond.


Pre Demo Preparation

This section covers topics that should enable you to have a very good idea of what you want before you have even had a demo of any of the solutions on the market. It is about doing a little bit of prep work to give you the best chance of getting the software solution that most closely matches your needs.


Pre Sign Up Preparation

This section covers what should be done between picking your preferred Web to Print solution and actually signing a contract for them to supply it.