Introduction - Pre Demo Preparation

You may have heard of the saying that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (in fact the saying in the UK normally includes another word between prevents and poor but we are trying to keep the guides family friendly).

One of the two(*) biggest causes of failure to succeed in the Web to Print side of your business is failure to get the right bit of software for your business needs and that is where this section of the guide comes in. We are going to help you build up a list of requirements that you can use to make sure the software supplier you choose to go with matches as closely as possible. It covers some generic subjects such as technologies available, pricing etc and then moves on to thinking about your first site / customer / product to help refine your requirements specifically to your needs.

If you don't have time to do it yourself, then we have provided downloadable checklist in the Wrap Up and Checklist section.

Topic Overview
Technology We cover some of the options for Web to Print solutions such as hosted and SaaS along with some other considerations you should make about the technology you are investing in.
Pricing Systems In this section we cover common methods used to charge for Web to Print Solutions
Support and Training The last of the software focused sections of the pre demo guide that looks at issues relating to getting the right training and support.
B2B vs B2C In this section we move to start looking at what your requirements will be, firsly by suggesting some of the things you should be on the lookout for that are different depending on if you intend to do a Business to Business or Business to Consumer site.
Picking your first Web to Print Customer & Products Defining your first customer and the products you want to sell online really you list of requirements that you need from your Web to Print software.
Wrap Up and Checklist The final part of your Pre Demo Preparation covers a few smaller things to think about and in case you didn't write your list of requirements all the way through we have added a download to one you can use from us.

(*) can't just hang that one out there can we? The other that we feel leads to being less successful than you can be is failing to get started when you sign up for your solution. Guess what, we cover topics to help with that in the next section of the guides.